9th March 2022: EfU is planning the new sewage sludge mono-recycling plant built in the Gersthofen industrial park as general contractor.

The mono-recycling plant for sewage sludge planned by MVV in the Gersthofen industrial park will primarily serve the disposal of sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants in the region. In addition, it will be possible to recover phosphorus from the residual ash in a later step.

If sewage sludge is spread on the ground as it has been in the past, more and more pollutants accumulate there over time, for example heavy metals, non-degradable microplastics, or residues from medicines and household products. Legislation therefore requires that in future only sewage sludge that is low in pollutants may be used in agriculture. The incineration of sewage sludge in coal-fired power plants will also be possible only for a limited transitional period.

Technical data:

Incineration capacity:85,000 tons/year
Firing thermal capacity:10 megawatts
Type of firing:circulating fluidized bed
Operating hours:8,000 hours/year
Phosphorus ash:7,500 tons/year
Start-up:end of 2024