Unsere Leistungen

Our team

We take your requests, work out solutions together with you and accompany you during the entire realization.

  • Michael Gaiffi – Managing Director
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulf-Rüdiger Müller – Scientific advisory board
  • Christoph Blank – Project Manager
  • Claus Koppenhöfer – Head of construktion
  • Ewald Ruther – Specialist
  • Steffen Schlenker – Project Manager
  • Manuel Stehle – Project Manager
  • Leon Hamann – Expert for simulations
  • Sandra Haslwimmer – Assistant Project Manager


Many different building blocks create a whole. New ideas guarantee you above-average returns, but involve little risk.


Working together with you in a cooperative partnership is very important to us. We work to earn your trust through comprehensible documentation of your entire project. Together with you, we find the best solution for you and realize it efficiently and quickly.


We take responsibility for your project - and beyond its limits. Your satisfaction and your success are what drives us.


People, materials, energy and processes - for our approach to the solution, we have to consider all these components in their entirety. What counts is the success of the big picture.


The principles of sustainability are at the top of our list. Socially, economically and ecologically - this is what our sustainable solution looks like for you.